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Thu, 07/07/2016
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What does "high blood sugar" mean?

How does your body work to feed your cells? What are the most common things that can go wrong with that process?

WHY should one "Eat less and exercise more"? What does that really mean?

Lois had all these questions.  So, being Lois, she interviewed everyone she could and synthesized the answers she got from doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, and readings.  Here is her attempt to translate the techical jargon into normal English with analogies that make sense.  This is NOT a diagnosis or prescription.  This IS Lois' success story of bringing down her own blood sugar levels (since last fall) and getting healthier.  Sharing the infomation she found is important to Lois; hoping some of that info will help others understand their own bodies better is the goal.

Listen to this one with a pencil to write down questions you may want to ask your own expert!

Happy eating !!!

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