playlist for 04/16/2013

Tue, 04/16/2013
Artist Title Album Label Link
And So I Watch You From Afar The Stay Golden All Hail Bright Futures
Brand (Fork & Knife) *single*
Fairmont Lucky Boy, Lucky Girl Retrospective 2001 -2011
Cropduster Indestructo Drunk Uncle
Kurt Vile Shame Chamber Walking on A Pretty Daze
Alcoholic Faith Mission We Need Fear Ask Me This
The Postal Service Be Still My Heart Give Up (Deluxe 10 th Anniversary Edition)
Mean Creek Do You Know Youth Companion
Generationals Put A Light On Heza
You Won't Ten Years Old Skeptic Goodbye
Atoms For Peace Unless AMOK
Midi Matilda Ottowa Red Light District (ep)
Ume Rubicon Phantom
T.V. Mike & The Scarecrows Halleluijah Weeks To Days
And So I Watch You From Afar Things Amazing All Hail Bright Futures


" The New New" : LoneBird Session

This week I strung together songs that are NEW releases, NEW to KDRT or NEW to me. I share a mixtape of selections from the outstanding dump of new material from my beloved KDRT's quickly growing digital library.

(We have recieved so much good stuff, friends!! You're ears are gonna be stoked in the weeks to come!!) 

Stay tuned.