playlist for 04/05/2014

Sat, 04/05/2014
Artist Title Album Label Link
Grateful Dead That's It For The Other One Anthem of the Sun
" Mountains Of The Moon Aoxomoxoa
" Silver Apples Of The Moon Infrared Roses
" Dark Star Live/Dead
Dose Hermanos Tokyo Dawn Batique
Grateful Dead Rosemary Aoxomoxoa
Dose Hermanos Bacchus And The Nymphs Batique
Bob Bralove Dream Of An American Cossack Stories In Black And White
Dose Hermanos Appalachian Summer Batique
Interview With Bob Bralove & Tom Constanten
Dose Hermanos Shadows Of The Invisible Man Batiques
Grateful Dead Built To Last Built To Last

In this edition of The Golden Road,  we welcome the sounds and thoughts of Bob Bralove and Tom Constanten to the KDRT airwaves in celebration of their new release, "Batique", as Dose Hermanos.

Bob and Tom are former keyboardists for The Grateful Dead from two extreme timepoints...Tom from 1968 to 1970, and Bob from 1987 to 1995...who both brought an exquisite pallet of color to the studio and live performances by the legendary band.

Bob and T.C.'s partnership has it's roots in both their shared foundation in rock improvisation as well as formal training in composition and the musical avant-garde. T.C. studied with the greats - Karl Stockhausen adn Luciano Berio.  Bob studied with the Pulitzer Prize winning Wayne Peterson before working with Stevie Wonder.  Together, they are Dose Hermanos who continue to explore the musical & mental world of the uncharted realm of improvisation.

Enjoy the sounds and the interview of Dose Hermanos here on KDRT!

A short video of Dose Hermanos performing, "Appalachian Summer":

A classic video of The Grateful Dead on "Playboy After Dark" featuring beautiful harpsicord playing by Tom Constanten:

And a link to Marin Independent Journal article about "Batique":