playlist for 01/16/2015

Fri, 01/16/2015
Artist Title Album Label Link
Ty Segall Circles
Manchester Orchestra COPE
JAY REATARD A Substitute
Panda Bear Cross Words
Neil Gallagher's High Flying Birds Ballad Of The Mighty
ELO Wild West Hero
Dr. Dog Heavy LIght
Beach Fossils Birthday
Hot Flash Heat Wave Gutter Girl
Sea Lioness Dhelivision
Belle and Sebastion The Cat With The Cream

We coined this on the Happy/Sadly Hour. We spend the pour remembering our dear friend Ed Martin. What I wouldn't give to have him come up to me at a show and put his hand on my shoulder and bellow Duuuudddee ! Look me in the eye, do an energy swap & pick up the chat we were last having months before or share a fun fact about something we had in common. Coolest dude. His zest for everything that mattered was incredible.

Neil Rudd wrote some lovely things about Ed, and at the end of his piece, I feel, he closed it perfectly. "Pull an Ed." If you knew him, you know what it means. And that it's someting to think about and maybe even live by, because it's kinda true.