The Folk Brothers playlist for 09/28/2022

Wed, 09/28/2022
Artist Title Album Label Link
Billy Strings This Old World Renewal
Darrell Scott The Open Door Various: Transatlantic Sessions Series 3
Jonathan McEuen The Lowlands Live@Zak Theater
I Draw Slow Queen Of The Wasteland I Draw Slow
Cahalen Morrison Those Mighty Beasts Of Holm Wealth of Sorrow
Kris Drever Scapa Flow 1919 Where the World Is Thin
Jez Lowe and Jake Walton The Bergen Two A Roue
Huun-Huun-Tu Kongurai (Sixty Horses In My Herd) Ancestors Call
Tumen Ekh Ode Of Altai Mountain Melody Of Our Performance
Damdin Kadkhuu Running Of The Yellow Camel Throat Singer and Horse Head Fiddler
The Hu The Great Chinggis Khan The Gereg
Khusugtun Chinggis Khan Jangar
Tumen Ekh Yangjuur Tamkki Melody Of Our Performance