The Folk Brothers playlist for 04/13/2022

Wed, 04/13/2022
Artist Title Album Label Link
Tim O'Brien The Crossing The Crossing
Sarah Jaroz Johnny World On The Ground
Billy Strings Love Like Me Home
Lyle Lovett 12th of June 12th of June
Pauline Scanlon Felton Lonnin The Unquiet
Joan Shelley The Spur The Spur
Sam Shackleton Cuckoo Bird Causeway Recordings
Grampa Banana 1952 Black Vincent Lightening Just Trying To Break Even
Tony Furtado Jack Haggerty Cider House Sessions
The National Peggy-O Various: Day Of The Dead
Cheryl Cawood Bullet In The Cabin Wall Bullet In The Cabin Wall
Natalie Napoleon Gasoline and Liquor You Wanted To Be The Water ...
Family Shiloh Kansas At The Cold Copper Ranch