The Folk Brothers playlist for 04/05/2023

Wed, 04/05/2023
Artist Title Album Label Link
Rosanne Cash and john Levanthal I Am A Pilgrim Doc Watson at 100
Alasdair Roberts Eppie Morris Grief In The Kitchen & Mirth In The Hall
Dom Flemons with Sam Bush Guess I'm Doing Fine Traveling Wildfire
Doolin' When I'm Gone Circus Boy
Lisa Knapp The Rowan Tree "Living" Soundtrack
Lucy Farrell Suddenly We Are Only Sound
Ferron Snowing In Brooklyn Shadows On A Dime
Lankum Newcastle False Lankum
Cinder Well A Scorched Lament Cadence
Planxty Nancy Spain Timedance
Salt House Her Silver Spate Riverworks
Joe Ely with Kimmie Rhodes Love and Happiness For You Flat Land Lullaby
Josh O'Keefe Runaway Train Gems On VHS
Ian Carr Polska D - Dur Efter Pekkos Per Covers Traditional Music of Dalarna, Sweden