The Folk Brothers playlist for 03/29/2017

Wed, 03/29/2017
Artist Title Album Label Link
Bongaene Griffin Calico Three Colours Ginger Loftus
Ray Frank Oh Donald Trumpski MP3
TThe 99 String Band Mean Things Happening In This Land MP3
Raymind Crook Old Robin Of Portingale MP3
Nic Jones Littke Musgrave Ballads And Songs Leader Records
Bill Scorzari A Dream Of You Through These Waves Self Released
Adam Jansch Morning Brings Peace Of Mind People On The Highway Market Square
Reverend Peyton's Big Band WHen You Lose Your Money Front Porch Thirty Tigers
Paper Wings Seven Miles Paper Wings Self Released
Megan Lynch Chowning & Adam Hurt There's A Brownskin Girl Down The Road Somewhere Inside Out Self Released
Pressgang Mutiny Gray Goose Gone Home Pressgang Mutiny Self Released