Celtic Songlines playlist for 12/01/2020

Tue, 12/01/2020
Artist Title Album Label Link
Liz Carroll & Jake Charron As The Crow Flies Half Day Road Liz Carroll
Liz Carroll & Jake Charron Compliments of Jimmy Keane & Faster Your Seatbelts Half Day Road Liz Carroll
Doolin Famine (w/John Doyle, Taron Bensen, Mikeal Charry Doolin Compass Records
Altan Eirigh Cuir Ort Do Chuid Eadaigh Local Ground Altan Partnership
Ryan Molloy & Fergal Scahill Behind the Bush in Park Anna/The Jolly Tinker/O'Mahoneys November Woods Ryan Molloy
Ross Ainglie Wounded Forest Vana Great White Records
Jethro Tull Witches Promise Living In The Past (1972) Parkerphone Records/Warner
Kevin Burke's Open House The Split Rock/The Piper on the Hob/Blue Adder Hoff and Mouth Green Linnet
Kevin Burke's Open House The Bus Stop Reel/Miss McCloud/Last Indian Open House Green Linnet
Third Ear Band Stone Circle Alchemy Cherry Red Records
Third Ear Band Druid One Alchemy Cherry Red Records
Niamh Parsons The Flower of Magerally O' Blackbirds and Thrushes Green Linnet
Old Blind Dogs Linden Rise Close to the Bone KRL