Celtic Songlines playlist for 10/27/2020

Tue, 10/27/2020
Artist Title Album Label Link
Asynja Sorte Ravne (Black Ravens) Galdr Asynja/Gateway Music
Clannad Newgrange Magical Ring BMG UK & Ireland Ltd
Hexperos Diadem of the Night The Veil of Queen Mob Equilibrium Music
Sharron Kraus Horn Dance John Barleycorn Reborn Cold Spring
Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections Reconciliation Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilah Green Linett
Lila Cauldron of Changes Halloween Spell Chants Goddess Music
Lila Ancestors Halloween Spell Chants Goddess Music
Asynja Bauldur Dansen (New Version) Galdr Asynja/Gateway Music
Loreena McKennitt Night Ride Across the Caucasus The Book of Secrets Quinlan Road Limited
Loreena McKenitt Samain Night Parellel Dreams Quinlan Road Limited
Malinky Three Ravens/The Ravens Return Three Ravens Greentrax Recordings

It is written that the history of Halloween reaches back to the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain (pronounced "sow-win" or "sah-win"). The word "Halloween" comes from "All Hallow's Eve" or hallowed evening, a period of year mid-way between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solistice.

This week on Celtic Songlines we celebrate this period of year with the sometimes haunting and other times introspective sounds of Celtic music.

We'll explore the music of Danish band Asynje, Clannad Irish Band, Hexperos, Sharon Krauss, Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections, the artist known as "Lila", Loreena McKennitt and Scotland's Malinky.