Magical Music Box alt/w The Golden Road playlist for 02/19/2012

Sun, 02/19/2012
Artist Title Album Label Link
The Warlocks Can't Come Down
Grateful Dead Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) Grateful Dead
Viola Lee Blues Live 5/2/70
Jerry Garcia Interview Unmitigated Craziness
Grateful Dead Viola Lee Blues Live 5/2/70
Duprees Diamond Blues Aoxomoxoa
Jerry Garcia Interview American Routes 1989
Grateful Dead Operator American Beauty
Hard To Handle Live 8/6/71
Playing In The Band Live 4/6/71
Mississippi 1/2 Step Uptown Toodleoo Wake of the Flood
Unbroken Chain Mars Hotel
Dr. Beechwood, Dr. Shot Live 5/13/77
Music Never Stopped Live 6/9/77
High Time Live 5/15/80
China Cat Sunflower Live 11/24/79
I Know You Rider Live 11/24/79
Jerry & Bob Interview Has Success Spoiled The Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey In The Dark
Brokedown Palace Live 3/90

The soundtrack to the Golden Road 5th Anniversary broadcast. Lots of Good Ol' Grateful Dead and then some! Hope you dig it.

Here's a link to the infamous "Has Success Spoiled The Grateful Dead" interview:

And one to a cookin' version of "Hard To Handle" from Canada 1970:


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