The Pepper Peddler Presents: An Evening of Americana Ramblin'

mad cow

Buy Your Tickets at KDRT! 1623 Fifth Street, in Davis, CA! Mr. Alex Roth, aka Mr. Mad Pepper Cow Rambler, is working his magic again to bring together fabulous local musicians and community members in a way that is not only fun, but benefits community. Thursday, Sept. 30, boogie on down to the Davis Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second Street in Davis, for an evening of fine Americana ramblin' music. The Mad Cow String Band rarely plays all together anymore, so this is a true treat. Mad Cow String Band, the Alkali Flats, and Arann Harris, joined by the illustrious Keith Cary, are the ramblin' bill for the night. Doors open at 7:30, music starts at 8:15. Presale tickets are a lucky.... $13 for general admission, $11 for students and $15 at the door. A discount is available for groups of 6 or more ($10/person). The tickets are available at Armadillo Music (205 F St in Davis) or bike delivered to your doorstep by the Pepper Peddler ( A very limited number are available at Davis Media Access, 1623 Fifth Street in Davis. The tickets are unique and numbered commemorative art pieces by local Artist Alejandro Rubio and proceeds from ticket sales will go to the artists and local community radio stations, KDVS and KDRT. We thank Mr. Mad Pepper Cow Rambler and his musical cohorts for putting together this only-in-Davis kind of evening. More info about the bands from this excellent post: MAD COW STRING BAND (Davis) have been keeping their enthusiastic fans dancing to their brand of high energy string band music since 2003. Somewhere along the way, the raw, youthful enthusiasm they poured into their music morphed into a unique sound that mixes bluegrass, old-time, and country. As they huddle around an old radio-style microphone, the boys captivate crowds with their tight instrumentation and soaring harmonies during their rowdy and exciting shows. THE ALKALI FLATS (Sacramento) have been kicking around in one form or another for several years, playing everywhere from your front porch to Chateaus in France, from roadside fry shops in Cleveland to the annual Hillbilly Fest in downtown Los Angeles. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for old hillbilly and honky tonk music, the band just won’t stop trying to duplicate the sound of the thumpy standup bass, whining steel guitar, and the ridiculous harmonizing that makes this music great. ARANN HARRIS (Petaluma) and KEITH CARY (Winters) will play American music with rough edges that's radio ready for a very old radio. Old Time New School Folk. Songs about Skunks, Corn, Sad Clowns and Mean People. My dog likes it maybe yours will too. The cool kids sing along when they are not dancing. We will sweat for you. I bet your Great Grampa was a farmer music. Keith Cary builds oddball instruments. He'll be playing his double- neck lap steel with homemade string benders and his Commodium, a loud resonator mandolin made from a bedpan. He might bring along a couple other little things. He really enjoys playing with Arann Harris and feels very at home with dark and brooding songs about chickens. Poultry and commodes belong together.