Tarek Isham on Listening Lyrics Jan 27th, 2017

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Tarek Isham visits KDRT

Listen now.   Tarek Isham found his musical voice while living in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, where music and creativity make daily and deep impressions. Four years ago, he moved back to Clyde Park, Montana to help his mother with her Quarter Horse Ranch and to pursue an education in veterinary medicine, which subsequently brought him to Davis, California. Before moving, he played many nights and weekends in the Bozeman area in a duo called Cottonwood Line. Tarek plays guitar, harmonica, foot-pedal drums and sings songs–both original and old–in country, blues, gospel and folk styles. Look to catch one of his feel-like-dancing live shows and an upcoming demo album under the name Doc Tari, which was the name of a famous Quarter Horse. Visit Tarek on facebook @Doc Tari.  Short video of Tarek in the KDRT studio https://youtu.be/NTBs4LomY0Y