Spirits & Music & Yolo County, Recorded on Dec 13th, 2019


spirits, music and a county named Yolo, whiskey

Spirits, music and a county named Yolo. Anita and Jeff Boone and their two sons did something most of us dream about. Some years ago the family sat on their patio having a drink and talking about what kind of business would be fun for the whole family to get involved in. That led to Patio29 a spirits company in Winters, CA where the whole family is involved in creating whiskey and many other spirits from locally sourced grains and fruit. Jeff started as the distiller creating the magic of spirits but now his oldest son casts his spell on the process. In the charming tasting room a soft background of music relating to spirits is played, in fact the playlist is over 400 selections. We spent the hour talking shop and music so listen in.