Replay of Favorite songs and the power they evoke, from Listening Lyrics, Aug. 12, 2022

Asking someone to select their top 20 songs is difficult, and picking just one is impossible. But that's what we have today: one favorite song from each of several people, along with the reasons it's their favorite. I left the genres open.

Music is a mystery that touches us on so many levels at so many different times. It can make us happy, sad, or melancholy. Or maybe we're drawn to the music itself, or to the lyrics; or for many of us a song offers a look back in time that allows us to relive a past moment.

On today's show, we play songs chosen by Karin Pastoor Husebosch, Carol Hess, Rod Rodriguez, Preacher, Ed Branam, John Caroll, Jeanne Pastoor, and me, Pieter Pastoor. Listen to the stories and be moved by the power of music.