The Rayos - an intimate discussion - Jun 2nd, 2017

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What a great hour - community radio delivers an outstanding interview - listen now.

Oz Fritz writes about Saul and Elena as follows. "Saul Rayo's music reflects a rich active life of multitudinous experience and discovery.  Rayo observes nature, his own and the world around him, then writes and receives songs that stimulates and nourishes the creative soul.  Not so much food for thought as it is food for being.  Genuine, insightful, drawn from a life well lived.  Personally experienced, you can feel it not only in the melodies and lyrics he writes, but as it plays through his fingers in unique rhythm guitar grooves and syncopations that carries a tune like Atlas carries the World, only you can dance to it.

"Elena Rayo also presents songs culled from the depths of her primary being. That being, and thus her music, seems not of the mundane world but more celestially derived, providing an overview of the human condition from both an inside and outside source.  She was born to idealistic experimenters and initially brought up in an environment and time when intelligent, rational people sincerely believed that love could conquer all. That thread seems to subtly run through her music.  It's music often as delicate as the wings of a butterfly, but with the confident strength to be wide open and vulnerable."

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