Racquetbangers, live in the studio on Listening Lyrics, April 15, 2022

Racquetbangers is a Davis-based indie rock duo comprised of Timur Katsnelson (piano/vocals) and Robert Polon (guitar). Seeking refuge from the cutthroat music scene in their hometown of Los Angeles, the boys moved north in fall 2017 and never looked back. They soon found themselves fully immersed in the rich Davis culture and began writing songs about their surroundings. Barely scraping by on a diet of Ali Baba, Vampire Weekend, and pucks, Racquetbangers finally caught their big break with the release of their first demo, "Annie Lin." Hopes of an international stadium headline tour were crushed with the untimely outbreak of COVID-19, but the boys are back and buzzing in early 2022.

During the interview, we will play their most popular releases to date, along with a special tribute song to the events in the Ukraine.

For the Paul McCartney section of the show, the Racquetbangers will perform the Beatles' "Love Me Do." Paul has stated he loves to hear how other musicians interpret his songs. The Listening Lyrics family, Paul, and hockey players from around the globe are looking forward to this.