The Power of Music, Recorded on Dec. 6, 2019

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This week's show had two guests: Sue Butler from Southern California, and David Pollock from Portland, Ore. Each answered the questions below. We played the songs and talked a bit with them about our favorite topic: MUSIC. Here is what Sue and David  came up with:

1. Has a particular song ever moved you into action?

Sue  - The Rose, David  - The Times They Are A Changing

2. Has a particular song ever moved you to tears?

Sue  - White Cliffs of Dover, David  - Wonderful Tonight

3. If you could send one song into space for beings to hear in the far distant future, what song would that be?

Sue  -What’s Going On, David - You Can’t Always Get What You Want

4. What is your go to “feel good” song?

Sue  - Wake Me Up Avicii, David - Satisfaction

5. What song would you like played at your celebration of life?

Sue  - Always Look on the Bright side, David  - It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

**See Playlist Below For Details**