Pass the Mic: Anoosh Jorjorian - Writer, Organizer & Educator - on KDRT's Meraki Radio July 14, 2020

In this episode of Meraki Radio: Pass the Mic, Alison B and Deema Tamimi are joined by Anoosh Jorjorian. Over the interview, Anoosh discusses her community work, writing and perspective on promoting anti-racism. The article referenced in the interview can be found here: “Dear White Allies: Our Anger Isn’t Yours” by Anoosh Jorjorian

For more information about Anoosh or to contact her, here are some links:

Inclusive Futures Consulting:

Articles by Anoosh Jorjorian:

Medium profile:

The ApoYolo Project:

Twitter: @anooshinthesun; @Incl_Futures

IG: incl_futures

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