Overall Excellence in Community Radio

Alliance for Community Media, Hometown Media Awards, Category "Overall Excellence in Community Radio".

This “sample” of 20 minutes includes clips from 7 shows (3 music, 3 public affairs, 1 special event).

It captures the unique condition of the pandemic this past year

  • Chris Mussen of "A Constant Grin," starts out by introducing the first show he’s done from home due to COVID-19 in April 2020
  • Next we hear the Davis High School Senior Celebration from May 2020
  • Followed by a special episode of Silver Nine Volt Heart, celebrating KDRT’s 16th year with quotes from other DJs
  • Next, we switch to Public Affairs and Davisville, with Bill Buchanan interviewing Nora Cary about closing of music venue The Palms
  • The COVID-19 Report from Dec. 2020, at a high point of cases, and interviewing new Public Health Officer.
  • Next to youth-oriented programming with Rohan of Timeout Radio interviewing Jeff Shaw about community radio in July 2020.
  • Closing with Chris Mussen opening his 500th show, reminiscing about shyness at beginning and wanting to do it from home, to 12 years later and the irony of “Having” to do it from home – capturing spirit of community radio.

The “cast” represents a broad age and gender range, and service to the community during this pandemic year via special events, public health programming, and continuing to broadcast a broad variety of music and entertainment.

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