The Outcome interview Dec 1st, 2017

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Listen in now and pay attention to THE OUTCOME - These talented, dedicated and gifted musicians are going to fill some airways soon. Great interview

The Outcome is comprised of:

Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Jesse Sizemore

Vocals, Guitar / Quinn Hedges

Bass / Mike Strickland

Drums / Andy Dibben

Jesse’s approachable songwriting style melds seamlessly with Quinn’s more elaborate composition method, which leads The Outcome to churn out challenging yet palatable tunes. Andy and Mike provide the big, grooving backbeats and tasty, melodic bass lines over which effects addicts Jesse and Quinn create the textural atmospherics and searing guitar leads that define the band’s sound. With distinct yet complementary singing styles, Quinn and Jesse share lead vocal duties, adding to the band’s diverse interpretation of modern rock. The Outcome has been featured on 98Rock, Sacramento News & Review, First Festival, Skope Magazine, and more. They release their debut EP entitled I’ll Take It on December 8th at Harlow’s Nightclub in Sacramento, CA.