One Health Career Advice - One Health & Wildlife Talk - Jan 6, 2017

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In this month's show, we feature an expert panel of One Health and wildlife professionals who dispense some career advice to curious UC Davis veterinary students. The discussion, which took place on November 2, 2016, touches on everything from the value of mentorship, carving out your educational path and what extracurricular activities our panelists pursued during their schooling. Enjoy! 

Dr. Anne Kjemtrup: Research Scientist and Epidemiologist for California Department of Public Health - Vector Borne Disease Section 

Dr. Kirsten Gilardi: Co-director of Karen C. Drayer Wildlife health Center and Co-Director of Gorilla Doctors, among other many other roles  

Dr. Paulina Zielinska: Director of the Office for Global Programs at UC Davis and faculty advisor for the Students for One Health club 

Dr. Koen Van Rompe: Infectious disease researcher at the Primate Center since 1990 and working on HIV and Zika virus research 

Dr. David Ewey: Director or Service Center Six USDA APIHIS Veterinary Services

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