Nick Zhilin (Николай Жилин), a Musician in St. Petersburg, Talks About Music

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Nick Zhilin Николай Жилин appears on KDRT

Nick Zhilin - Look who I found.

On my photo Instagram account (pastoorpics), I have followed a fellow photographer (emptynous_photo ). I noticed that he is also a musician. That's when the roots for this interview were planted.

Nick Zhilin (Николай Жилин) was born, raised and lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. He grew up in a family with three brothers; his mother encouraged his musical studies. Nick plays the piano, guitar, and loves to perform on his Balalaika. He writes his own songs, and experiences what many young musicians do, mainly perfecting their music in their spare time.

Nick is also involved with his university in the study of world religions and philosophy.

His heart belongs to heavy metal, but you can hear a singer/songwriter in the making. Here is the link to Nick's music youtube site. Natural Rock. His music Instagram is emptynous. If you enjoyed this interview, please let Nick know through his social media links.

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