Niall Woods "Nylophone" visits Listening Lyrics. Aired July 3, 2020


Nylophone visits with Listening Lyrics on KDRT

Niall Woods (AKA Nylophone), who hails from Wicklow, Ireland, painstakingly tweaks his songs on a modest recording set-up at home before passing them on to a pro to have live drums mixed in and a few bells and whistles added. You can hear the influence of '60s artists such as The Beach Boys and Del Shannon in the neatly arranged bittersweet tunes that always clock in under 4 minutes, but more modern influences make the final result sound more akin to Ariel Pink. Nylophone's music typically features trickling guitar parts and layers of synth with catchy melancholic vocals on top. Bright melodies are contrasted with darker themes, or vice versa. Nylophone can also be found on Spotify and Facebook.

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This episode was recorded in my home studio, using a MacBook Air, Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones, Yedi BLUE microphone, Zoom (for the interview), Garageband, and iMovie (to process the MP4 Zoom file to an audio MP3 file).

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