Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Apr 12th, 2012

"Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." David Kalakaua, King of Hawaii, 1874 to 1891.
This week explore various chants and songs that are associated with hula, in anticipation of this weekend's Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo. The festival is a celebration of all things of Hawaiian culture, in honor of King Kalakaua, the Merrie Monarch, but the 3-day hula competition that ends the week has become the highlight of the festival. A dozen women compete in solo performances of both hula kahiko (ancient style hula) and hula auana (modern hula) to garner the title of "Miss Aloha." Then groups of male and groups of female dancers from different halaus (schools) perform both kahiko and auana. The week ends with the naming of the overall winning halau, but everyone who participates is honored to share their hula with aloha.

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