Meraki Radio- Perspectives: Alonna Shaw Talks Tidal Language

On this episode of Meraki Radio- Perspectives, Alonna Shaw gives listeners a foray into her manuscript Tidal Language. She discusses her process for creating the manuscript and we hear her read a few select poems. Alison B interjects her perspective as they ride the waves of Tidal Language.

Alonna Shaw is a California-based multidisciplinary artist, writer, and content editor. Her diverse background in theater, film, television, and fine art meet on the page, often using collage techniques, to challenge everyday language. Her creative works reflect place and identity through the lenses of consumerism, feminine identity, and environmental issues. Robots fascinate her.

Words Cited:

From TIDAL LANGUAGE, published poems with links:

John Martone’s Otata, issue 40

    Page, 43 “Leaf-green Tender Sea” is the control poem that I used to identify topics and themes in order to organize and refine this manuscript.

    Page 42, “Sea Lion Head Hunters” deals with the heart of the collection.


The Los Angeles Press V4 on dis + placement

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