Listening Lyrics for Sep 20th, 2013 the ANNIVERSARY show


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Listening Lyrics started in late August 2012 but we are not counting the few first shows (call it the learning curve). A year into the show and with 25 guests interviewed you might say Jeanne and I have found a format we are comfortable with. To put it into perspective we are having a blast. On top of that our guests are given a full hour to share their story and their talent. For me personally its like spending one hour a week on the psychiatrists couch, I leave the studio pumped up and ready for the week-end. Yep, usually head to a watering hole to down a beer or two after the show.

In addition the show has given me a rare glimpse into the talent, dedication and fascinating lives of the guests on the show. So this week we will be playing some tunes and poems of previous guests while Jeanne and I sip some bubbly wine. Tune in and share the year with us.