Listening Lyrics Aug 22nd, 2014 with Evan Clayburg and Sally Hensel.

Listen in to the dynamic duo of Evan Clayburg and Sally Hensel. They are Davis residents who met through their shared passion for music and art. Evan along with Sally are founding members of the THIRD SPACE ART COLLECTIVE in Davis, an art collective and music show venue where emerging creatives express themselves in a supportive atmosphere. In mid September Evan and Sally will be embarking on a 4 month creative journey to share what they’ve learned and learn from other likeminded creative spaces.

The first leg of their journey will take the to an artist residency at Dope Chapel in Norman, Oklahoma. Evan will be walking from Los Angeles to Norman, drawing personal inspiration from the walk, an exercise in discovering the intersection of the mundane and the epic. Sally’s project will focus on using plastic bags to create a large scale interactive installation, raising awareness of creative repurposing in a fun, meaningful way. The second leg of their journey will take them to Todos Santos in Mexico where they will work and study under Donna Billick, a well know artist from Davis as she works to create a “Third Space” for school children there.

As if that isn’t enough the pair will then go to Mexico City to discover the underground creative network there. All this before they get married in the spring of 2015. Listen in to Evan and Sally discuss their next few months of adventure, The interview was sprinkled with "walking" songs.


Check out Evan's animated sketching in a music video.