Listening Lyrics Apr 5th, 2013 with Phillip Larrea

On this week's show we will hear from and interview Phillip Larrea. Besides hearing some of his poetry we will also expose his humor and maybe even an idea or two about getting rich.

Phillip Larrea was born and raised in Sacramento,  After a brief stint in Seattle, he moved to New York, because that's where they keep the money. He is a wealth advisor and syndicated business columnist with In 2012 his poems have appeared locally in Medusa's Kitchen and Sacramento Poetry Art and Music (SPAM), as well as nationally in Nostrovia To Writing, The Artistic Muse, and internationally inThe Poetry Bus Magazine and Outburst Magazine. Phillip is the author of two Spoken Word CDs, "Loose Change" and "Scrapbook".

Phillip also has a new poetry collection from Cold River Press called "We the People" to be released  on April 5, 2013. And a chapbook from Writing Knights Press called, Our Patch.