Kevin Welch of Boca do Rio and the meaning of a grant, on Listening Lyrics, March 4, 2022

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Boca Do Rio and their Music

Boca do Rio was the second band to be awarded the annual Davis Independent Music Initiative (DIMI) grant, in 2021. The committee that awarded it included the 2020 winner, Davis musician Joel Daniel of the Hoots, reported the Sacramento News and Review in July 2021: "The grant is part of an annual effort to boost Davis’s music scene by providing one local band with funding. Daniel’s hope is that it offers musicians who might otherwise seek a career in Sacramento or the Bay Area the support they need to foster their talents closer to home." Applications for the 2022 grant are due by April 1.

We wrap up this show playing a Led Zeppelin song as interpreted by the Alex Jenkins Trio. Here is an All About Jazz review of their newest album, Tri-Cycle, from 2021.


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