The Folk Brothers for Aug. 3, 2022: Remembering Mick Moloney

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If there is such a thing as a "renaissance man" in 21st century culture, then Mick Moloney fit that description. Moloney, who died last week at his home in Greenwich Village, was a New York University professor, a touring and recording musician, an Irish cultural ambassador, an ethnomusicologist, and a lifelong social justice warrior.

From his work with The Johnstons, Green Fields of America, and his musical collaborations with Robbie O'Connell, Jimmy Keane, Athena Tergis, John Doyle, and many, many other Irish and American artists, Mick Moloney has left a legacy of recordings that will stand the test of time. The Folk Brothers toured Ireland with Mick, and Bill had been in Galicia with Mick just a few weeks before his untimely death.