The Folk Brothers for April 12, 2023: Painters, poets, playwrights, pugilists, and presidents

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Kris Drever has released a new song about mid-20th Century Scottish painter Joan Eardley (self portrait pictured), who created beach and seascapes around the fishing village of Catterline. Pete Morton wrote a song about the "Peasant's Poet" John Clare, who walked from his home in Cambridgeshire to sign a contract with his publisher in 1819. Tom Russell wrote songs about William Fawkner's time in Hollywood trying to make money as a film scriptwriter, as well as about the heavyweight champion Jack Johnson who, despite all his atheletic acheivements, faced racial discrimination his whole life. Norman Blake wrote about the assassination of James Garfield. And Steve Earle wrote a tribute to his friend, the late Townes Van Zandt, songwriter and poet.