Cowboy Tracks The Western Land We Love Apr 15 2022


Photo by Nancy Flagg, Genoa NV

Today's episode is called "The Western Land We Love" and it's filled with beautiful musical and poetic imagery of the western lands and appreciation of it. Don Edwards, Juni Fisher, Open Range and Tish Hinojosa are just a few of the artists you'll hear today. So, enjoy! (Rebroadcast).

Song Title  Artist  Album

The Wild Wild West Billy Strange Great Western Themes

The West  Juni Fisher Cowgirlography

Sagebrush Symphony Sons of the Pioneers Symphonies of the Sage

The Western Land I Love Open Range & the  Stampede Swing Band Swingtime in the Rockies

Where the Sagebrush Touches the Sky Daron Little with Butch Hause Dos Amigos

Prairy Yodel Many Strings and Company A Cattlestrophic Compilation

Prairie Moon Tish Hinojosa Taos to Tennessee

Rubies in the Moon Richard Elloyan, Steve Wade Up for Adoptions

Texas Plains Hot Texas Swing Band Off the Beaten Trail

Working Flint Hills Cowboy Tallgrass Express String Band Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky

Lewis and Clark Rag Jack Gladstone, Rob Quist Odyssey West

Up in Yellowstone Jon Wilson Cody Town

Windmill on the Prairie Yvonne Hollenbeck Rhyming the Range

Take Me Back to the Range Peter Rowan, Don Edwards High Lonesome Cowboy

Montana Cowboy Caleb Klauder, Reeb Willms Innocent Road

You're From Texas The Western Flyers Wild Blue Yonder

Wind That Shakes the Barley (instr( Matthias Gohl, John Kirk, Molly Mason The West (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Guitar Wild West Theme John McEuen The Music of the Wild West

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