Cowboy Tracks Mar 11 2022 Traditional Songs of the Cowboy

Let's get back to our roots with this episode of "Traditional Songs of the Cowboy" (rebroadcast).

Song Title  Artist  Album

Cowboy's Getting' Up Holler Pete Seeger Hootenanny Tonight!

On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan Eddie Dean On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan

Git Along Little Dogies Mary Kaye The Dawn and the Dusk

Zebra Dun Don Edwards Saddle Songs

Old Chisholm Trail Liz Masterson with the McDaileys Hills of Early Morn'

The Texas Cowboy Hank Snow Yodeling Hits!

The Colorado Trail Connie Dover The Wishing Well

The Old Double Diamond Gary McMahan Saddle 'Em Up and Go

Spanish is the Loving Tongue The Due West Trio Old Cowboy Songs

Doney Gal Tim O'Brien Band Tim O'Brien Band

Streets of Laredo Mary Kaye No Wilder Place

The Red Hills of Utah Marty Robbins Return of the Gunfighter

Punchin' Dough Ed McCurdy, Alan Lomax Cowboy Songs of the Old West

I Ride an Old Paint Rita Hosking Dark River-Songs of the Civil War Era

Night Herding Song Nancy Raven Lullabies & Other Children's Songs

Green River Ramble (instr) Skip Gorman A Cowboy's Wild Song to His Herd

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