Cowboy Tracks July 20 2022 Gold Rush Songs


Photo by Nancy Flagg, 2019

Enjoy these songs about the western states Gold Rush. (Rebroadcast)

Song Title  Artist  Album

Old West Saloon (instrumental) Carmichael & Woods Essential Sound Effects Vol.1

Sutter's Mill Dan Fogelberg High Country Snows

Sutter's Mill  New Riders of the Purple Sage Gypsy Cowboy

Oh California Dick and Carol Holdstock San Francisco Shanties and Sea Songs

Sacremento/Ho California Logan English The Days of '49, Songs of the Gold Rush

Days of '49 Rachel Sedacca Lucky Like Me

Coloma Be Brave Bold Robot Take a Deep Breath

Saloon Time (instrumental) Thick Crust Dougboys Home on the Range

When Miners Sang Rita Hosking Live in the 16 to 1 Mine

Oh My Darling Clementine The Sweptaways single

Sourdough/Miner's Song John Shreve From Texas to Montana

The Days of '49 Sourdough Slim Travelin' Blues

Water Down the Sluice (instrumental) Michael Kahn Panning for Gold

Honky Tonk Saloon (instrumental) Wild West Gang Western Music

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