Cowboy Tracks, Feb. 1, 2023: Elko Cowboy Gathering 2023


Elko NV, photo by Nancy Flagg

This episode of Cowboy Tracks previews some of the artists performing this week at the annual National Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering in Elko, Nev.

Here's the playlist:

Song -- Title -- Artist -- Album

Milk Cow Blues (instrumental) -- Jimmy Day & Herb Remington, A Day With Remington

Come Ride With Me -- Dave Stamey, Come Ride With Me

Mountain Water -- Carin Mari, Rambling Daughter

Good Times Still to Come -- Matt Robertson, The Voice

Once Upon the West (poem) -- Doris Daley, Once Upon the West

Big Nevada -- The Munsick Boys, The Munsick Boys

Sunset Trail -- Sourdough Slim & Robert Armstrong, Oh, Sweet Mama!

The Last of My Kind -- Ismay, single

Canyons (poem) -- Floyd Beard, Horse Tales and Cow Trails

Wild New Mexico Cowgirl -- Juni Fisher, Gone for Colorado

The Pot Wrassler -- Andy Hedges, Cowboy Recitations

In the Open Wide -- Trinity Seely, Camp to Camp

Canadian Line --Sam Platts & the Plainsmen, West Side

How High the Moon --The Quebe Sisters, Every Which-A-Way

Bucking Horse Moon -- Wyiie & the Wild West, Bucking Horse Moon

Rodeo Blues -- Hot Club of Cowtown, Wild Kingdom

Thank Heavens for Dale Evans -- Kristyn Harris, Down the Trail

East of Miller Hill (instrumental) -- Sourdough Slim, Old Time Cowboy Songs