Cowboy Tracks Doing Fine in the West Jul 23 2021

This episode of Cowboy Tracks is an encore presentation of the "Doing Fine in the West" episode which was originally aired on July 19, 2019. The playlist includes:

Song Title  Artist  Album

Western Stars Bruce Springsteen Western Stars

Sierras and the Rockies Caitlyn Taussig The Things We Gave Up

Way Out in West Texas Daron Little 307

Called Teresa Burleson West Texas Heat

Sierra Bound Rita Hosking Little Boat

Wisps (poem) Dennis Russell New Mexico Stray

Waitin' for the Rain Jim Reader 1880's Cowboys

Next to the Soil Hot Club of Cowtown Midnight on the Trail

Cowboy Caches Jared Rogerson Branch of the Tree

Barstow Laurie Lewis One Evening in Barstow

Doin' Just Fine Tony Lundervold Doin' Just Fine

Riding Catalina Again California Cowboy Band Riding Catalina Again

The Diamond O Carin Mari Queen of the Mountains

Somethin' 'Bout Montana Stephanie Davis Crocus in the Sno

Twilight on the Trail Sourdough Slim Sourdough Slim, Best Of, Vol. 2

Happy Trails (instr) Squeek Steele Old West Saloon Piano, Vol. 1

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