Cowboy Tracks Aug 12 2022 A Mighty Fine Life

Today's episode of Cowboy Tracks has songs and poems that celebrate "A Mighty Fine  Life" in the West. (Rebroadcast)

Song Title  Artist  Album


Big Country (instr) Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck, Mike Marshall The Best of Bluegrass-80 Years of American Music

Wild West Texas Wind Carolyn Martin Wild West Texas Wind

The Lonesome Western Trail John Lowell She's Leaving Cheyenne

Arizona Skies Gabrielle Gore I See You

You Can't Get There From Here Jim Winters Yearnin'

Ridin' Out to Meet the Day A.K. Moss They Come Prancin'

One Way to Swing Carlos Washington's Steel Horse Swing Band single

Abide Almeda Bradshaw Between a Horse and Me

Blue Cowboy Waltz Stan Lawrence True Tales…Mostly

The Star Mary Kaye Frontier

Saga of the Old West (instr) Steve Martin  Steve Martin Brothers

Snow is General Kerry Grombacher Range of the Buffalo

Tennessee Local Ida Red Harmony Grits

Ways of Another Time Doug Figgs Yellow Horse

Hill Country Texas Hot Texas Swing Band Devil On My Tail

Canyons Floyd Beard  Horse Tales and Cow Trails

Mighty Fine Life Jim Jones Good Days Are Comin'

Children Farm Song (instr) Western Texas Folk Band Happy Country: Bluegrass for Children's Fun

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