Cowboy Tracks April 1 2022 Music Roundup

Today's episode is a Music Roundup with western swing, western bluesy tunes, traditional cowboy, western reggae beat and even a UFO song. I hope you can stick around and let the music lift you up. (Rebroadcast)

Song Title  Artist  Album

Swing Twain Ranch Romance Flip City

Oh Those Texas Blues 3 Trails West Silent Trails

Things to Do Sam DeLeeuw Spreadin' Sunshine

All I Need is You Dave Stamey Twelve Mile Road

Range Delivery Juni Fisher Gone for Colorado

Old New Mexico Riders in the Sky 40 Years the Cowboy Way

Round Up Time in Roswell Purly Gates The Call of the West

Raven on the Wind  Wylie & the Wild West Raven on the Wind

Canadian Air Eli  Barsi, Doris Daley Once Upon the West

Steel Pony Blues Dons Flemons Don Flemons Presents Black Cowboys

Headfirst in the Wind Trinity Seely Old Poly Rope

Running Down the Mother Road The Road Crew Songs from the Mother Road

Diesel and Dust Kristyn Harris Down the Trail

The Cowboy Way Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen At Edward's Barn

Fiddle Around on a Saturday Night Wild West Gang Western Music

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