Celtic Songlines Winter Solstice

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

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We’re now at that special time of year when many of us celebrate holidays during the Winter Solstice, such as Yule and Christmas. Our homes feature candles, mistletoe, holly or pines creating a close connection with the natural world.

The playlist on this week’s Celtic Songlines features artists who celebrate this season through their music, to help us pause and allow us to contemplate our connection with life on this earth and with each other.

Tune in for Loreena McKennitt, Ashley Davis with John Doyle, The Gothard Sisters, Kate Rusby, The Chieftains, John Fitzpatrick, Al Petteway with Amy White, Maggie Sansome and Bonnie Rideout, and Libana.

(image used with permission of the artist, Karen Davis @moonlight and hares)

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