The Awesome Patrol Show for 5:00pm on Sep 16th, 2016

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Live DJ jams !?! Cool bevvies for all?!! All the BBQ tasties ?!! Birthday cake, too??!?  All "CHECK!"


Flashback to the DMA/KDRT backlot BBQ Get Down...

This is an extremely rare & sassy live edition of The SIDEDISH!  (an idea being "brewed" for fall pours) was presented by The Awesome Patrol Show! The DMA & KDRT KREW threw a funky fresh BBQ last week for all the volunteers who generously help keep non-com media alive in Davis.  A crowd of friendly faces showed up to share JOY, celebrate and soul dance with us! So, please forgive all of the rollercoaster mic levels on the voice side of things, we were live & outside, played all vintage vinyl (except for the 2 jams streamed) for the entire hour and got down with our pals during the broadcast!! It was pretty tricky to ensure maximum danceparty, mingle, stay hydrated, keep the plates spinning and crush the speackers!

Cheers to the handful of extra Awesome Patrollers who organized the sunset party. Feeling confident to speak up for more than just me and declare that everone who danced through had a (disco) ball!  <3 SaraTAPS