The Awesome Patrol Show playlist for 06/13/2014

Fri, 06/13/2014
Artist Title Album Label Link
Two Sheds You Get To Me
Be Brave Bold Robot Activation Synthesis
Rin Tin Tiger Toxic Pocktebook
Charles Albright HeadPhones
French Cassettes Bee's Knees
Frozen Folk Eat Me Alive
The Greening Into The Fugue
French Cassettes Radley
John Vanderslice The Parade
State to State Bring Out Your Rivals
Opus Orange balance

So, we did ask Dug Deep / Electric Compost Heap to join TAPS to help talk about the Fest and we did reveiw some of the outstanding DMF artists slated to play our annual rocking fundraiser but there was alterior motives to get Dug into the booth on Friday - take a listen, the jams are good but the on-air suprise is the gold this hour!!