The Awesome Patrol Show playlist for 07/18/2014

Fri, 07/18/2014
Artist Title Album Label Link
Craft Spells For The Ages
Caleb Nichols Year Of The Horse
Be Calm Honcho I Love CA!!
At The Drive-In For Now We Toast
The She's Violet
Painted Palms Spinning Signs
bed. Boys
Alcoholic Faith Mission Running With Insanity
The Native Sibling Here With Me
Cheech & Chong (another) Hit of Marijuanna
Braid Killing A Camera
Magic Wands Black Magic
Koji Hemlock
Albion Moonlight i'm coming lord (cut off)

After enjoying almost 2 weeks in a giant mystical silver van with some of my good friends in Owl Paws and Moonlit Wheat. This hour is dedicated to the fine fellas of the Northwest Nocturne tour party team.