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Join host Ruth Chambers as she shares stories from 1800 to 1920 in the dialogue and dialects of the time as written by the authors. You'll hear Gold Rush and Wild West Stories, Tall Tales, and plenty of Mark Twain. Some of the stories were written by the reader herself! Tune in, sit back, and enjoy a taste of simpler times.

Replays Wednesday 11-11:30am, Sunday 12-12:30pm
Live Thursday 11-11:30am

Chambers Street Theatre for 11:00am on Aug 11th, 2016

Today hear Mark Twain's "Advice to Youth" from "Mark Twain's Notebooks," Edited by Carlo DeVito.   This Advice was written in 1882 and is stated as "1882 Speech."  It does not say if it was delivered, but it was written in 1882.  Listen in and decide if it was deliverable to youth.   Of course we are talking about deliverable to youth open to a bit of humor. 

Chambers Street Theatre for 11:00am on Jul 14th, 2016

Today the Radio said it will be 103 degrees outside in Davis.  So now is the time for "The Christmas Pudding."  I wrote this story and I like reading it in the Summer when we need all the cooling effects we can get.  Tune in and listen to the building of a Pudding, and the joy shared in a mining camp during the 1800's Gold Rush in California.

Chambers Street Theatre for 11:00am on Jun 30th, 2016

And here we are in the Summertime at 107 degrees and so on into dehydration. Opened the show with the Yolo Mambo band recentlty of the Davis Music Fest.  And the song selected was "Summertime."  See how the Summertime theme just trucks right along?  The reading today is from the "Mark Twain's Notebooks."  Twain wrote books, scrapbooks, and notebooks (and probably something else, too).  

So we hear shorter selections and even short selections.  Listen for the different styles of writing used by Twain.  He was a newspaper reporter with facts, he was the off the wall humor guy, and he later was an older man grateful for his amazing life.  Let's listen to some fine writing by Twain.  There are some jewels in the Notebooks.  Let's not miss them.

Chambers Street Theatre for 11:00am on Jun 16th, 2016

Let's rediscover a good author who seems to have been forgotten:  Arthur W. Upfield.  Today we read from his "who-done-it": "The Bachelors of Broken Hill."  Upfield was an Englishman who spent his adult life in Australia, and usually included some aspects of Aborigine culture in his plots.  Let's listen in as Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte solves the murders, yes, Inspector Bony: slim, suave, and impeccably dressed...oh, and half Aborigine with blue eyes.  Let us join the story in Australia at the scene of the crimes...

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