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Hear amazing stories from the Golden State, from way back when in the language from way back when, with some stories written by the reader herself! Sit back and enjoy.


Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Nov 19th, 2015

Today is another Skits Day with the "Chambers Street Players":  Alex Silva Sadder, Mike Sullivan, Lois Richter, and Ruth Chambers.  It's a fun day with current topics in the Donald Trump style, news about the DMV, and more.  Turn in for some fun with our local talent giving their all, and doing fine.  Long live KDRT LP, 95.7 FM, the voice of Davis!!!

Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Nov 12th, 2015

Who was the Mark Twain before Mark Twain?  This comment refers to David Crockett of the back woods elected to Congress.  Crockett was the first of the intelligent, not well educated, men who knew how to tell a story and keep a crowd entertained, and later entertained all Washingtion. Crockett was the first back woods man to Congress when the East Coast controlled Congress in their well suited, fine ways, not to say they weren't ruthless...but they were gentlemenly about it.  Today Ruth reads from David Crockett's book about his life (Chapt. 1).

Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Nov 5th, 2015

And here's the second half of the Halloween theme: the part where wounded people can't help but join in when the fiddle starts and happy dancin' feet take us all to a better place.  People laugh and people smile, and can't help meeting someone to start over with.  And that's why we have holidays: to share, to smile, to remember, to move on.

Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Oct 22nd, 2015

Today was one of those special days when KDRT FM will have Front Country "live" at 3:00 pm when at 8:00 pm they will perform at the Palms Playhouse in Winters.  And what's that date?  Friday, October 23, 2015. So I played several cuts from the Front Country CD.

Then we go to Mark Twain's early newspaper stories that cover the "Petrified Man" and "A Bloody Massacre near Carson."  These were made up stories that other newspapers picked up and printed as fact.  There were many newspaper complaints when the truth came out.  All part of the early Twain evolving writing style.

Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Oct 15th, 2015

Even with the limited lives women had in the 1800's, some women were able to have a lasting effect.  Beatrix Potter wrote "Peter Rabbit" and became famous and wealthy.  She used her money to buy up farms at auction in the Lake District to save them from development.

Today Ruth reads "Peter Rabbit" in all it's light hearted charm, but let's not forget, it was Beatrix Potter who saved The Lake District for future generations.

Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Oct 8th, 2015

It's not Twain today so get ready for something else.  It's "The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse" by Beatrix Potter.  Our Beatrix came from England and was one of the first Land Savers of the Lake District.  With her book earnings she bought up farms at auction to save the Lake District for the future.  She had been in the Lake District as a child and met a local boy who became a lawyer.  Together they kept a look-out for land auctions, and became a married team.  Long live Beatrix Potter who saved the Lake District in the early 1900's.

Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Oct 1st, 2015

We often hear how rough the Stage Coach ride was, but it was Twain who said he enjoyed it.  The first two chapters of "Roughing It" talk about the Stage Coach ride West from the Mississippi.  Of course Twain sometimes adjusted a reality to fit his humor needs.  In short Twain could tell "a big one" now and then.

Chambers Street Theatre for 11am on Sep 24th, 2015

There is a beautiful discriptive section of "Roughing It" where Twain talks of his time at Sea in the Hawaiian Islands.  He talks of the moon and so I thought of Willie Nelson's "Stardust."  Quite different but they do go together for some moon and star moments.  Enjoy.


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