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The Bill Smith 1964 Chevy Malibu Special on The Grapevine

Hiya K-DIRT listeners!  Please join us for a special broadcast of The Grapevine on April 23rd at 6:00 pm for a salute to the generosity & lasting spirit of the late, great Bill Smith.  Bill was an early volunteer and strong contributing supporter of community access television & radio here in Davis.  His involvement at DCTV, KDRT and KDVS gave him an adventuresome local platform to demonstrate his exceptional creativity.

The Mighty Gospel on The Grapevine

Please accept an invitation to congregate at KDRT and soak in the beautiful sounds of gospel on The Grapevine.  We are joined in the K-Dirt studio by our special & most valued guest, Michael Johnson, who came to visit with glorious song & spirit.  In the broadcast you will hear soulful sounds by Mahalia Jackson, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin and more to soothe your spirit and lift you on up!

Here a link to the broadcast:

And the playlist:

Grateful Dead Members Tom Constanten & Bob Bralove on the Golden Road

Join us for an interview on The Golden Road with former members of The Grateful Dead, Bob Bralove and Tom Constanten.  Bob and Tom will be discussing their wonderful running collaboration affectionately known as "Dose Hermanos" and we will spotlight their new release, "Batique" which features their exquisite piano playing created in a most unique and improvisational way!

The broadcast of interview took take place on Saturday, April 5 on The Golden Road on KDRT.

Here's a link to the playlist and more information about the broadcast:

Mardi Gras In New Orleans on The Grapevine

Get ready to hit the streets and rev it up good on The Grapevine in celebration of Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday.  As carnival season winds down and Ash Wednesday & Lent loom ahead, jump in the parade with a swing in your hips & a song on your lips and get it while the getting gets good...right here on K-DIRT!

Golden Road interviews Grateful Dead member Bob Bralove

Join us for a plush side trip down the Golden Road as Bob Bralove, former member of The Grateful Dead and sound sculptor extraordinare, discusses his upcoming live exploratory experience at the Davis Cemetery Gallery 1 to 4 pm on October 13.

JAMES BROWN!!! On The Grapevine Sept. 18

Tune in for a full-tilt & righteously soulful edition of The Grapevine on Sept 18 at 6 pm, when host Rod Moseanko will be joined by Michael "MJ" Johnson, who'll take us higher & higher with the mighty Godfather of Soul ... "Butane" James Brown.

Burnin' Rubber on The Grapevine's Annual Hot Rod Special!

Once a year, and only once a year, The Grapevine tops off that '62 Cadillac Coupe De Ville convertible...aqua blue on the outside...cream colored leather on the inside...seats as big as sofas, and hits the road in search of the sounds that were "boss" back in the day.  We make no apologies in paying homage to the time when top fuel gasoline was cheap, full-blown Detroit engines were huge and the call of burnin' rubber on the asphalt was not only cool...but loud and clear!

The Golden Road Welcomes Bob Bralove on February 7th

During the live broadcast of the Golden Road on February 7th at 6:00 pm, we welcome musician, composer, producer, artist and visionary, Bob Bralove of San Francisco.  Bob achieved considerable acclaim through his supremely creative work with the Grateful Dead during the late-1980's and early-1990's by essentially integrating modern sound alternatives (such as MIDI) into the live and studio mix of the band.

The Grapevine Welcomes Davis music producer, Bill Fairfield

Tune in to The Grapevine this Wednesday, December 12th, for an enjoyable hour of conversation & sounds with local music producer (and all-around long-time supporter of all things music in Davis) Bill Fairfield. Bill's Davis roots run deep in the fertile Yolo County music soil and we will have the excellent opportunity to talk to him about Davis music history including the infectious rhythmic path that led from the Spydels to local favorites Mumbo Gumbo.


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