I LOVE music, fun having, brewski's, dance parties, shenninagans with my friends & happy hours!! Combine these activities every Friday at 5pm & you have The Awesome Patrol Show. Tune each week to partake in an hour of jams to kickstart the weekend & find out what is on T.A.P.S!!!


Happy Hour Friday jams with The Awesome Patrol Show (TAPS). Hosts Danny and Sara drone on about bands they like, think everyone should hear, or are performing in a venue nearby, perhaps, maybe if you're lucky or something. Cheers!

A weekly rotating crew of merry pranksters gives you extended gut-busting awesomeness with in-depth examinations of entire albums.  Remember those artisitic statements?  No, not singles or one track, but groups of songs that capture a period of time in a musician's or band's life.