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Rocket Radio is a show aimed at Davis youth of all ages, from elementary to high school. DJ Rocket features music, poems, books, interviews, and current events, all while maintaining a young perspective.

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Election Day

Vote! Vote! Vote! Today is election day and polls in California stay open til 8pm. Go exercise you civic rights and all that good stuff. This show is election-themed, so naturally the music is too. The show kicks off with a real banger: "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus, the one and only. Up next is a real classic: "Keep Your American Dream" by Beartooth. Last (but not least) is "Dear Mr. President" by P!NK. The high quality literary selections for this show also reflect the elections. Rocket reads Duck for President and it's pretty wild. Rocket talks about theatre: DHS drama's first show of the year-- First Date and Acme Theatre Company's current auditions for their winter show-- Pronoun. Rocket also reads some top-notch jokes from the all-time fave" 1001 Cool Jokes.


Here it is, folk: the day after Halloween. Spook is still in the air and candy is in the hands of the little kiddos. That's why this show includes some frightening tales from Alvin Shwarz's "More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark". Rocket also talks about the speech and debate tournament he attended this past weekend in Stockton at the University of the Pacific. There, he debated things like free community college, Nexit, and campaign finance. For some reason Rocket also talks for a moment about the free masons, probably because of history class but regardless it provides a nice segway into some music for this show. The first song up is "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas, followed by "Hate to See You Go" by the Rolling Stones from their currently unreleased album, Blue and Lonesome, and the show ends on "I'm a Mess" by Frank Iero and the Patience.

It Can't Happen Here

Rocket was involved in a staged reading of "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis yesterday at the library. This performance was one in a series organized by the Berkeley Repertory Theatre across the country. The play (and the novel) follows the rise to power of a charismatic American politician and the subsequent rise of fascism. Following the story of one family, the show demonstrates the progression of the country from a democracy to a dictatorship to military rule. Rocket plays three audio clips from the show. Rocket also talks about the DHS Genders and Sexualities Alliance's Movie Night this Friday where they will be showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show (the classic, not the new one). Rocket reads some scary stories and plays some music. The first song on the show is 'Sure and Certain" by Jimmy Eat World from their new album, "Integrity Blues", followed by "The Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So You Think You Can Dance

Rocket talks a lot about this past weekend, for example ATC presenting the first annual So You Think You Can Dance competition at the high school. Helping with lights for the show, Rocket saw a rehearsal and a final performance so there was a lot of dancing to talk about. As for performances, this weekend Rocket had a rehearsal for a nationwide staged reading of It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis which will be performed for free on Oct 24 at the Yolo Library. These readings are organized by the Berkeley Repertory theatre to make a deep historical parallel between 2016 and 1936. The story follows one family's expereiences as the US descends into fascism. On a contrary not, the DHS Young Democrats club is now active, if interested they meet Fridays at lunch in N-4. Rocket talks a little bit abut the PSAT expereience and this show has some reading.

Some New Tunes

It just so happens that a boatload and a half of new albums were released on October 7. Among these albums were 13 Voices by Sum 41, Mothernship by Dance Gavin Dance, and Revolution Radio by Green Day. This show just happems to feature a song from every one of these albums. In order, these jams are "War", "Young Robot", and "Still Breathing". Rocket talked about a recent Acme play reading of "Pronoun" and an upcoming one of "Twelfth Night". Rocket talks a little bit about LGBT resources and mentions the Upstander Carnival hosted this Sunday by the Davis Phoenix Coalition at the Veterans Memorial Theatre. This show also features the usual pristine selection of assorted jokes.

Wake Me Up When October Ends

September came and went so here we are talking about monkeys. Specifically monkeys falling from very tall trees. Monkeys that you want to shoot because this is how you make your living. If you didn't catch that: on this show there's some talk about phsyics (and monkeys). Rocket also talks about the current series of Acme play readings and the most recent one, Orlando. This play reading and the upcoming reading, Pronoun, both tackle gender issues which is why the DHS Genders and Sexualities Alliance is co-sponsoring them. On that note, the DHS GSA has its first meeting this Friday in room L-20! As far as DHS goes, Rocket also discusses the Brunelle Theatre's usher program which is open to students if you want extra credit or just to participate in a cool program and see some shows. This show features some pristine jokes (we get past #100 out of 1001 so that's progress).


In honor of their iconic album, The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance just released a 10-year anniversary reissue with a bunch of previously unreleased content. One of these unreleased songs is "The Five of Us are Dying", an early version of the title track "Welcome to the Black Parade". This is the first song on this show and Rocket follows it with talk about the new album. Rocket talks about DHS homecoming and the football game against Jesuit this weekend. DHS also elected Harambe as homeoming royalty in case anyone missed that. Rocket talks about the first presidential debate and the sad picture of Bernie Sanders that quickly circulated online. Rocket talks about the latest and greatest Acme play reading, "And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank". Long story short: it was sad.

Debate and Twenty One Pilots

A couple exciting things happened this past week. The first was twenty one pilot's release of "Cancer" and old My Chemcial Romance classic. This cover is part of a compilation of MCR covers from their magnum opus album The Black Parade. A current pop-punk or metalcore band covers every song in the album and Cancer is TOP's. This coincides with next week's release of the ten-year anniversary album, The Black Parade / Living with Ghosts which includes a boatload of newly released demos. Rocket talks about the potential for the covers and their implications in relation to MCR's original artistic vision. Rocket talks about the latest and greatest Acme play reading—The Arabian Nights and the upcoming one, And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank. The other exciting thing was the first debate tournament of the year with the Speech and Debate team. Rocket talks about some of the debate topic's from this past Saturday.

Some New Tunes

There's a bunch of new music out in the worl and this show has some of it. Speaking of music, City of Trees was last weekend and experts report that it was a pretty swell time. Rocket talks about extracurriculars that exist in the DHS world including Speech and Debate which is starting up and has the first debate tournament of the year next weekend. Rocket talks about Acme Theatre Company's current play readings and the most recent one, A Wrinkle in Time. He recants a couple dreams which leads him to reading some psychology. As for the new music this show kicks off with "Revolution Radio" by Green Day from their new album of the same name. Their upcoming tour stops in Berkeley but this show is already sold out. Of Mice & Men has a new album out too: Cold World. Rocket plays "Real" off the new album.

Post-Labor Day Weekend

That's right, the first 3 day weekend of the new school year came and went. During that weekend Rocket watched the classic "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and talks about it at length. The movie follows the story of Johnny Depp's and Leonardo Dicaprio's characters as brothers stuck in a small town. 10/10 would watch again. Rocket also mentions an upcoming play reading Acme Theatre Company is hosting that's open to the public for the play adaptation of "A Wrinkle In Time". Rocket reads the description of the novel on the back cover of the book. Extracurricular type things are starting up at DHS and the Speech and Debate team has their first official meeting this Wednesday. Rocket reads from The Psychology Book because his history teacher also teaches psych and sometimes talks about psychology in hisory class. This show also includes some pristine jokes from the book 1001 More Cool Jokes.

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