Na Mele O Hawai'i

Join host Beth Post as she features the unique sounds of Hawaiian music—from early icons of island music to today's innovators—exploring styles, the history of the genre, and revered songs and performers.

Replays Saturday 10am-12pm
Live Thursday 1-3pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Na Hoku Hanohano 2012 - WINNERS ALL! 5/31/12

We're all winners when the Hawaiian Academy of Recording Arts selects the best of the best for the annual Na Hoku awards. Today we listen to just some of the winners of the 35th annual awards, concentrating on awards for traditional Hawaiian music, including Song of the Year (Na Vaqueros by Kuana Torres Kahele), Album of the Year (Kaunaloa by Kuana Torres Kahele), and Male Vocalist of the Year (yep, that would be Kuana Torres Kahele). No, it's not an all-Kuana show; plenty of other musicians are represented. Tune in to find out who won!

Keola Beamer & Raiatea Helm--together again for the first time, 5/10/12

To celebrate their "Ina" tour, we play songs from Keola & Raiatea's new collaboration album, as well as cuts from their individual albums "Mohala Hou" and "Island Born" (Keola) and "Sea of Love" and "Far Away Heaven" (Raiatea). Enjoy the mixed mastery of Hawaiian voice and slack key guitar from these two excellent musicians.

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You're welcome and thanks for asking. I'll make a point of posting future playlists once I find how to do it on the website rather than in the comments.
Auntie Peka

Auntie Peka

I'm really enjoying everything about your show and look forward to hearing more. Your commentary really pulls it all together--I'll be spreading the word. Thanks!

I appreciate your comments. It warms my heart to know you're enjoying what I enjoy.

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