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Join host Beth Post as she features the unique sounds of Hawaiian music—from early icons of island music to today's innovators—exploring styles, the history of the genre, and revered songs and performers.

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Mele o Protest Kahiko Aug 16th, 2012

"On August 12, 1898, everything ceased. Washington Place was shuttered, as was every other Hawaiian home. No Hawaiian stirred from his own house nor his own thoughts, while the annexationists celebrated. Henry Berger played "Hawaii Ponoi" for the last time, as a free nation's anthem." - Helena G. Allen, "The Betrayal of Liliuokalani," p. 365

What's being described here? Nothing less than the end of Hawai'i as a sovereign nation. Listen in as we play the songs of protest and allegiance that Hawaiians of the day, including Hawaii's last monarch, penned and sang in tribute to their love of the land, "aloha 'aina." Learn why "Kaulana Na Pua" was originally called "The Stone Eating Song," and reflect on why there remains to this day a strong sovereignty movement in Hawai'i. Oni pa'a.

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You're welcome and thanks for asking. I'll make a point of posting future playlists once I find how to do it on the website rather than in the comments.
Auntie Peka

Auntie Peka

I'm really enjoying everything about your show and look forward to hearing more. Your commentary really pulls it all together--I'll be spreading the word. Thanks!

I appreciate your comments. It warms my heart to know you're enjoying what I enjoy.

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