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Rohan loves sports, geography, travel, and learning about the world. His program, Timeout Radio, includes a mix of interviews, information, music, and a place of the week.

Timeout Radio was one of only 10 initiatives nationally to win a 2020 Youth Summit Pitch Contest grant from the Points of Light Foundation. The Summit virtually brought together teens from across the United States to reflect on and engage with challenges and opportunities presented by the new school year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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20. Pandemic Pets

Since mid-March 2020 there has been a huge surge in animal adoptions, fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Melissa Bain, a professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, tells us about the joys and challenges of pandemic pets, and what to consider when adopting animal companions during the pandemic. We meet 14-year-old Davis resident Kate Phillips and her canine companion Winston. Winston became part of the Phillips family last summer. Hear about the science behind why there is such a deep bond between dogs and humans and learn some cool facts about dogs. Then visit Siberia, where dogs first joined the human pack 23,000 years ago.

19. Rock the Vote

The 2020 U.S. elections were shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and a nationwide movement for racial justice. About 55% of ballots in 2020 were cast by youth, up from 44% in the 2016 elections. This increase in turnout among youth made a difference in the outcome of the election across the country, especially in key battleground states. Rock the Vote is a non-profit organization whose goal is to build the political power of young people by increasing voter turnout among 18 to 24 year olds. Meet the Davis chapter of Rock the Vote and hear about their work to get young people to vote. Then learn about youth voting rights and visit Georgia, which in 1943 became the first state to lower the voting age from 21 to 18.

18. Ireland

Do you know what hurling and camogie are? How is Gaelic football different from American football? And what exactly is soda bread? Davis resident John Cunningham grew up in Ireland and will shed some light on all these things. Learn about hurling, the fastest game on grass. Hurling is Ireland's oldest pastime and combines the skills of baseball, hockey, and lacrosse into one high speed, high scoring, high energy sport. Then discover Newgrange in Ireland, the site of a neolithic passage tomb that is older than Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids.

17. Happiness

'Just Because' is a group of students and parents who did something special for teens in Davis to brighten up their day during this challenging time of social isolation and distance learning. Natalie Ries and Neil Redenbaugh from 'Just Because' tell us just what they did. How do you rate your life on a scale of 0 to 10? Find out about the World Happiness Report and how people from over 150 countries rate their happiness and satisfaction with life. Our place of the week is Finland, which holds the title of the happiest country in the world. Not only is Finland dark and cold for much of the year, it also has the most number of heavy metal bands per capita. So why are its people so happy? You'll have to listen to find out.

16. Radio Plays

A radio drama or radio play is a dramatized audio performance that relies on dialogue, music and sound effects to help listeners imagine the characters and story. COVID-19 restrictions prevented the Davis High Drama Club from performing onstage, but they got creative and instead worked on a series of radio plays that Sophia Davis tells us about. In our world of smartphones and high speed internet it is hard to remember a time when wireless messages couldn’t even cross the Atlantic. Learn how radio broadcasts were invented and the difference between AM and FM radio. Visit Nova Scotia, Canada, where Marconi changed the world with the first transatlantic radio transmission.

15. Paleontology

Paleontology is the study of ancient life. It uses the sciences of biology, chemistry, math, geology, ecology, physics, and engineering to uncover the mysteries of evolution and life. In today’s show we meet Paleontologist Sara Thompson, who is a science educator and the volunteer coordinator at Explorit Science Center in Davis. Then we visit the Big Sky State - Montana -  and learn about badlands and Tufts-Love Rex.

14. Sports Broadcasting

Kevin Dexter, play-by-play commentator for the Long Island Nets, tells us about his career as a sports broadcaster. Learn about an intriguing experiment done during an NFL game in 1980 to find out if we really need sports broadcasters. Then take a quick trip to Long Island, New York, where Charles Lindbergh took off in 1927 on the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight ever, and where the 4,500-pound great white shark that inspired the movie Jaws was caught.

13. Special Olympics

The motto of Team Davis is "Seeing the Ability in Disability". Meet Robin Dewey, the president and founder of Team Davis, a non-profit organization that enriches the lives of children and adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities. Then learn how the Special Olympics grew from a backyard summer camp to a global movement that has enhanced lives and changed attitudes about ability and inclusion. Travel to Chicago, where the first Special Olympics were held in 1968, and explore the city's evolution, sports teams and food. Find out what topping you should never put on your Chicago-style hot dog!

12. Computers and Map Making

Mapping apps on our phones give us access to huge amounts of geographic data literally on our fingertips. We learn how computers are used in geography and map making and talk to Sean Glantz, who teaches Computer Science at Da Vinci Charter Academy about why computer science education in schools is so important. And by the way, do you know what a "schoolie" is? Travel with us to Surfers Paradise, Australia to find out.

11. FC Davis

Meet Adam Lewin, the owner of Football Club Davis. FC Davis, formed in 2017, is a semi-pro soccer club based in Davis and is an expansion team of the National Premier Soccer League. Competing in the Golden Gate Conference, FC Davis is one of nearly 110 teams across the country playing in the world’s largest national league. In our travel segment we stay close to home and learn more about Davis, California, home to Timeout Radio and FC Davis.

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Love your choice of music! My favorite part of your show is the place of the week segment.

Listening to your show right now--sounding good. Just a note to say welcome to the KDRT/DMA family, and I hope your participation brings you happiness!

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